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LEMAX® - The most technologically advanced searchlights

LEMAX searchlights - combination of high power, an uncompromising design philosophy, high-tech
manufacturing, modern components and the exploitation of the finest quality materials.

LEMAX LX Searchlights meets the demand of IK07 protection index against mechanical impact
according to EU standard and IP68 protection index against the liquid article absorption according to
EU standard.
Searchlight body: Aluminum body is strong, light-weight and meets the demands of all professionals.
Used materials: Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061 T6, Marine Aluminum Alloy 5083 and others.
Electronic parts: LX50 searchlight uses the best available ballast in the market.
All contacts are gold plated. Reflector:
Special coating technology provides the optimal heat distribution from the hot HID bulb. This feature
enables using of IR filters for far distances. No overheating even after a long time usage.
LEMAX uses the best and safest Li-Ion batteries. All batteries have a protection, enables fast charging
and hundreds of cycles. All batteries are suitable for everyday use.
Very strong hardened scratch proof front glass provides the best solution for powerful searchlights.
Heat proof glass enables long time operations in and out of the water. LX MIL Searchlights front glass
has been tested against impact according to the EU standard.

Connectors meet the demands of IP67 protection index against liquid article absorption according to
the standard DIN 40 050 (1bar pressure after 12hrs).
Cases and bags:
LEMAX Searchlights are delivered in the strong military proved cases (mostly PELI, Storm) or in
waterproof bags.
Thanks to their outstanding features the LEMAX® LX Searchlights are used by professionals in police
forces, army, special forces, fire fighters etc. They  are  ideal equipment for searching individuals
under extreme conditions (natural disasters, conflagrations etc.), for guarding wast properties etc.
Main benefits of LEMAX Searchlights:

- all types of searchlights are designed for extreme conditions
- all types of searchlights are heavy duty - have all metal body
- all types of searchlights have powerful battery - fast charging
- all types of LEMAX searchlights have been designed without compromises
Extreme light output:
The highlighted area has been designed with the respect to the human eyesight ability. Without
adjustment of the light cone LEMAX Searchlights illuminate optimally the whole area human eye can
embrace. They can illuminate an area that would otherwise be obscured by fog or smoke. Optimal
exploitation without binocular is 5 m - 1000 m (depends on type). Maximum lighting distance of LEMAX
LX Searchlights is over 3000 m (depends on type).

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