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Fire Bane™ is simply the most effective fire extinguishing agent available.
Its unique properties include a thermal barrier that protects
skin, clothing and equipment from high heat, fire and flame events.
Steel Industry Start. Historically, the Fire Bane™ product has been used
industrially in the Steel Industry, to equip and protect vehicles moving hot
molten slag. More than 400 of these vehicles have Automatic Vehicle Fire
Extinguishment and Survivability Systems (“AVFESS”) which are credited
with Seven (7) Operator “Life Saves.” (Data available).
Kuwait Military Tests. Kellogg, Brown & Root tested the Fire Bane AVFESS
components at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait (with assistance from the Udairi Fire
Department). During these tests three (3) raw eggs were wrapped in
Spentex™ Spent-Carbon Fiber Cloth and doused with the Fire Bane Liquid
Agent. After a four (4) minute burn the fire was extinguished and the eggs
removed, unwrapped and cracked open, revealing, amazingly, their still raw
state --- proving the amazing thermal protective properties of the Spentex
when combined with the Fire Bane Solution.
Spentex™ is a patented-pending blend of carbon fibers and other
strengthening fibers that are inherently nonflammable.  Spentex™ is available
in yarn, knit and woven fabrics as well as non- woven felts. Spentex™ does not
melt or char and will not support combustion.

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