Nahar Plus Group
AdvanTac Technologies is dedicated to equipping the warfighter with lighter, technologically
advanced gear. The AdvanTac team has more than 90 cumulative years of experience in life
support, survival, and disaster preparedness.

AdvanTac Technologies' Core Focuses:

Mobility Systems

AdvanTac Technologies offers the next generation of state-of-the-art multi-functional mobile storage
and delivery systems (ARC™: Advanced Reconfigurable Container™). These collapsible,
reconfigurable systems have integrated wheels and towing hardware for remote operations where
lifting equipment is unavailable. They are environmentally sealed to protect high-value assets from
water and sand intrusion. These systems were designed to cube out standard military mobility
pallets to ensure fast load and easy deployment. The ARC’s™ design increases operational
efficiency 30%

Anti-Ballistic Technology: Body Armor and Moldable Armor

UST has patented and patent-pending state-of-the-art composite technologies to make advanced
soft body armor and hard moldable armor. UST’s ARM-R™ material is used in next-generation soft
armor products that are lighter and more flexible. ARM-R™ technology is also used in UST’s hard
armor and moldable armor panel systems for use in vehicles and aircraft.

CBRNE Defense and Decontamination

The patented Contaminant Air Processing System™ (CAPS™), manufactured by UST, was chosen
by the USAF to standardize the critical decontamination processing of personnel contaminated with
chemical, biological, or radiological agents or other hazardous materials.

Load Bearing Vest and Rescue/Extraction Technology

UST manufactures load bearing vests, harnesses, and restraint technologies that have a proven
performance history with high speed ejection seat aircraft, entry personnel, combat insertion
forces, and other elite professionals. UST’s patented SnapTrack™ attachment system is used on Air
Ace™ survival and tactical vests and Ace Advantage™ armor.

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Technology & Tools

UST manufactures personal survival tools, including patented all-weather fire starting systems,
targetable signal mirrors, a flexible outdoor saw, a low profile whistle, and kits in which the tools are

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